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ben lindell finds his way through the jungle on his journey to the fountain of youth.

Web Redesign

I just finished remaking the Portrait of Mary website, kept the same back end/database, just a new display to it.

Check it out :

There's also new songs up there like this one : Back to Me.




Becoming Old

Nearing the end of college, you start seeing with perpective, both forwards and backwards.

My main question now is, why do I want to work? Do I want to save up money so that when I'm old and tired I can sit around and be old and tired? I don't think so. I want to have fun now.

One thing that a very drunk golf club member once told me, is "fuck money man, it's all about friends and memories, don't let money ever dictate either of those," not bad for a drunkerd.

So. I plan to enjoy myself and be sucessfull in something I love, and not worry about money and becoming old.

First Show Tomorrow



Leaving New York City

Tomorrow I'm leaving the town that can't sleep,
the town the smells different every five feet,
the town that thinks vertically,
the town where you can cross the street even when it says to not cross,
the town where you can meet everyone,
the town where everyone doesn't wait to know you,
the town that is as empty as it is full
the town that gives you dreams and shows you nightmares,
the town that inspires you to give up,
the town that encourages you fail,
the town that right before you die something good happens,
the town where something good means something big,
the town where big things happen to small people,
the town where small people come to leave small places,
the town where you learn to trust yourself,
the town where you can learn to be alone,
the town where you see things happen and then disappear,
the big apple.

Mikey's Dead Update

Here is a super rough version of the first Mikey's Dead Track :


The Great NYC Weekend

Mikey's Dead

Monday night the supergroup Mikey's Dead was offically born, with the members being myself, Jeff Knowlton of The Break Mission, and Jason Dehenzel of Me Versus the Monster. We began recording our 3 song EP, mind you this was our 4th time ever playing together. Smash Studios engineer Bill Wathers engineered the session, which ran until 6am. I'm going back into the studio to begin the overdub process so hopefully in the near future we'll have some good sounding tracks for everyone to enjoy.

Here's some pictures :

Mikey, the bird that we killed.

Me and Jason.


Me and Jeff.

Jason, Bill and Jeff.


Website Fun

Everyone, meaning the few people that view this page, should check out my latest round of web creations.

1. The Portrait of Mary About Section - This has a new bio as well as it has bios for each member which is new.
2. The Portrait of Mary Media Section - This is now all dynamic and also has photos. I spent a lot of time on this one, especially making the photo gallery work.
3. The Portrait of Mary MySpace Page - Got control of this from my drummer today and gave it an overhaul.

As you can see all of my attention has been towards my band Portrait of Mary, it's mainly because we are almost back to school and we're getting ready to start playing shows all the time and need a good web presence. Any comments on these sites will be more than helpfull.

We also applied to the Star Tomorrow Show, but after seeing a friend of mine who got accepted's contract, I'm not so sure if we'd even want to do it.


Star Tomorrow Madness

This has been the craziest week all summer. NBC's Star Tomorrow has taken our studio by storm. It's been awesome, in the past few days I've met 14 time Grammy winner David Foster, Mick Jones (from Foreigner), Edgar Winter (the guy who wrote Frankenstien and is playing with Ringo), and Rob Tannenbaum (Editor of Blender Magazine). It's been nuts and eye opening on what it's like to work on a TV production. There is so much start and stop and the way they make reality-tv is sometime not so real, they will plan things, redo things, and in general play things up a lot, but hey it looks good on TV and that's all that matters. There have been some amazing acts and very talented people, and hopefully my band Portrait of Mary will get a shot at it, I'm made friends with the casting director and hopefully we may get a chance to be "Stars"... Tomorrow.